Philanthropy has always been a big part of Chatri’s life and is something close to his heart. His main area of focus is helping underprivileged kids, troubled youths, and terminally-ill children. When Chatri was 13 years old, his mother forced him to work on weekends as a volunteer in Klong Toey Slum, one of Bangkok’s most impoverished slums. He hates to admit it, but he was initially reluctant to do it. In the end though, it changed Chatri’s perspective on life. Apart from his own experience surviving in poverty years later, it is one of the reasons why Chatri is a big believer in charity. To read the childhood story of Chatri’s experience in Klong Toey Slum and how it changed his life, please click here.

Today, he personally donates a meaningful amount of his time, money, and resources to organizations such as Global Citizen, Children’s Cancer Foundation, Singapore Children’s Society, Boys Town Home, MINDS, and other charities.